of SomethingOctober.

Music, is what we live for, it is in essence, what we were created for...


Music has a certain joy to it, a celebratory feel beneath the heavy bass and driving beats. Music always feels like you’re holding something with a pulse in your hands and forever feels like it needs to feed off your enjoyment of it in order to stay alive. Rock is not necessarily an emotional music, but it is an emotional experience.
Rock is not things. Rock is not afraid. Rock is not radio friendly or hit driven. Rock is not what the band plays during the last dance at your sister’s wedding. Rock is not complacent, cooperative or content to just be. It exists for a reason and that reason is not to sell you a t-shirt. It exists to make you feel, and whether that feeling comes out in a fist pump, a head bang or power drumming on the steering wheel, it’s there beneath every sweeping note, every tortured lyric, every awkward time change.